phenolux - made to impress

Our photorealistic and detailed point clouds are convincing.

The point cloud is the finished motif ready for lasering, consisting of several hundred thousand individual laser points.

The quality of the point cloud (laser file) is the main factor determining the final result of the lasered motif. That is why we spend 3-5 times longer than usual on the design of the point cloud for the corresponding 3D motifs. Our goal is to represent every 3D model with the respective best possible level of detail in finely balanced shades of grey. Thanks to our phenolux method, the result is a visually outstanding three-dimensional point cloud with convincing, photorealistic detail that far surpasses the standard customary in the trade. That is how we produce our small works of art in glass.

The details of the motif show themselves to best advantage with a glass size of 8 cm and up, supported and optimised by our premium BBCrystal.

The typical characteristics of the lasering motif largely determine the visual end result of glass engraving. What this means is that the more discernible details and texturing a motif exhibits, the more subtleties we are able to bring out in the design of the point cloud. Our method also produces impressive results with objects such as statues that depend on the figure’s interplay between light and shadow, for example with the motifs “The Thinker” and “Nike” of our Artline Collection.

Features of phenolux point clouds:
- Photorealistic representation of the motif
- High level of detail
- Supported by the detailed mode of operation of our precision laser

A direct comparison of our photorealistic phenolux point cloud (left) with a point cloud produced using the conventional method without texturing (right) clearly illustrates the level of detail we are able to bring out in the motifs.

Using our Premium BBCrystal with black glass backing perfectly supports the details brought out in the motif, creating impressive little works of art in glass.