If you are looking for high quality, visually outstanding 3D glass engraving, you have come to the right place. We design point clouds of convincing quality representing a wealth of details for a photo-realistic look. Lasered in the premium BBCrystal, our motifs really stand out. We are happy to develop and laser individual, custom fabricated items for a wide variety of occasions. Through our distributor, we offer ready to sell collections for the retail trade, in particular our Artline.

Premium laser glass BBCrystal

The special laser glass BBCrystal highlights every interior glass engraving, has a black back and is patented.

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Exclusive point cloud design

With our phenolux method we create impressively detailed, finely tuned and photorealistic 3D interior glass engravings.

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Our collections

Through our distributor we offer the collection "Artline" with masterpieces of fine art ready for retail sale.

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We design and laser individual glass engravings for company events, service anniversaries, product presentations, gifts for guests or other occasions.

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