We are currently working on three collections that are being gradually expanded at our own initiative and by customer request. The Artline products in particular are intended for the retail sector and supplied ready for sale in attractive outer packaging. Our little works of art in glass enrich any museum or design shop. Depending on the suitability of the motifs, the main motifs are expanded into product lines consisting of a keyring pendant, drinking glass and collectible coin. Read more about our product types.


Product types


This special laser crystal has a conical shape with a thin 2mm black glass backing. Thanks to the natural contrast of the black glass backing, the lasered motif is immediately visible in what is actually a transparent solid. The conical shape is highly elegant and designed to optimise the effect of incident light (from the top and sides) on the lasered motif, creating “indirect” lighting. Another effect of this shape is that the viewing side is tilted back slightly, especially in the portrait format, establishing an ideal view angle. The BBCrystal is patented. All lasered motifs are 3D point clouds.

Dimensions: 80x50x50 mm
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We use special laser glass for our keyring pendants with 3D glass engraving. It has a polished surface and is stress-relieved so the laser beam accurately targets the middle of the glass without being deflected. The edges of the glass are bevelled by about 1mm and the chain is securely fastened to the glass.

Dimensions: 30x20x15 mm, length of chain: 75 mm, diameter key ring: 30 mm
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The drinking glasses used by us come from a traditional German manufacturer and are refined by us with a 3D-light laser engraving (low height of the Z-axis) in the bottom of the glass. The glasses are made of high quality crystal glass, dishwasher safe and have a capacity of 0.2l.

Dimensions: 88 mm high, diameter 70 mm
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Glass coin

Our collectible coins with 2D glass engraving are made of high quality clear glass manufactured in Germany. The edge of the glass is matt ground and edged on both sides. Glass coins in our collection come with a protective coin bag and an inlay with basic data about the respective motif.

Dimensions: diameter 50 mm, depth 6 mm
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